What does it cost ?

What does it cost ?

Not as much as you might think …

Once we have the details of your golf event, we’ll send you a bespoke quotation for Golf GameBook Live Scoring. It’s not expensive and the price will compare extremely well to having say, presentation photography, a trick shot show, or a guest speaker. Plus it’s something that very few of your guests will ever have experienced before. It will also free up a lot of time for the person who normally marks the scorecards.

What’s included in the price ?

– A live Internet leaderboard link (for colleagues)
– Event preparation and uploading of starting sheet
– Briefings by Golf Gamebook staff members
– Automated printing of golf buggy signage
– Hire of pre-programmed iPhones (one per group)
– Hire of 50″ monitor for clubhouse use

– Backup scorecards printed with your logo
– Team, individual, near pin and long drive leaderboards
– Attendance by experienced staff members
– Group briefings by Golf Gamebook staff members
– Monitoring of system throughout day
– Printing of results and preparation of prize sheet